Lying to Your Insurance Company? Here Are the Top 3 Reasons Why Insurance Companies May Deny Your Claim After a Car Accident.

It’s important to keep your insurance company up to date on any significant changes that are applicable to your insurance policy. Florida law states that certain misrepresentations or concealment’s is enough grounds for your own insurance company to deny your PIP claim.

This occurs far too often. Many people don’t even know that they’re lying to their own insurance companies. Even though you’re not purposely lying to your insurance company, you may be failing to disclose certain things that you need to let them know about at the time when they occur.

  • You must disclose to your insurance company, all the adults that reside in your home. This occurs in situations where maybe your significant other moves in with you to your home, and you never disclosed this to your insurance company. If you do get involved in an auto accident and they do find out that you have other relatives or people that are living with you under your own household, they can deny your insurance coverage.
  • It is important disclose if you use your car for some type of commercial purpose, for example, if you use your car for Uber, Lyft, Postmates or Uber Eats. This is something you need to disclose to your insurance company.
  • Third, you must disclose if you change address. If you change addresses, you need to disclose to your insurance company. There have been many occurrences where our own clients, moved over two years ago and they never disclosed this to their insurance company. And this action caused their insurance to deny their PIP benefits.

Some insurance companies are a bit stricter when it comes to failing to disclose these details. There are three insurance companies that will 100% deny your claim if you do fail to disclose any type of information to them. Those three companies are United, Imperial Fire and Casualty, and Infinity Insurance. If you have any of these three insurance companies, reach out to them and make sure that you update all your information with them.

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