First-Party Property Insurance

A first-party insurance policy is one that offers you coverage for physical damage. This type of insurance includes homeowners insurance and commercial property insurance policies. In these cases, you file a claim directly with your company.

Your home or business may sustain different types of damage from natural elements such as sinkholes, hurricanes, water, wind, smoke, or fire.

Vandalism and theft can also cause property damage that you need to repair. This damage can be financially devastating when you have to pay for clean-up and restoration work.

The expenses can go even further. If your home is unlivable, you may need to pay for somewhere else to live while continuing to pay your rent or mortgage.

If your business needs to temporarily shut down, you miss out on revenue while still paying for the space and overhead.

As a Florida resident, you likely pay high premiums for your insurance. Naturally, you expect your company to pay for damage when it occurs, especially when it is not your fault.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies put you through a long, drawn out process — only to deny your claims many months later. This puts you at a disadvantage while you are financially and emotionally overwhelmed.

Even during the negotiations process, companies may try to get you to accept a lower settlement than you deserve.

Under Florida Statute 624.155(1), you are legally entitled to sue an insurance company when they fail to settle your claim in “good faith” and cause damage in the process. This can mean that they:

  • Fail to pay undisputed amounts within 90 days
  • Deny your claim without a reasonable investigation
  • Do not provide a reasonable explanation (in writing) for denying your claim


  • Refuse to provide you with your insurance policy when you request it
  • Misrepresent or falsely advertise their policy
    Do not acknowledge or respond to your communications in a timely manner
  • Act in their own best interests instead of acting fairly and honestly

However, you have an obligation to write to the Department of Insurance and your insurer to properly notify them of a violation. They must respond within 60 days.

If your insurance company does not work to correct the situation or wrongfully denies your claim, you may have a solid case to pursue legal action.

Pursuing legal action against an insurance company can be complex. Many times, you will face pushback from your carrier even when you have a reasonable claim. During a distressing time, you should not have to take on this financial and emotional burden.

Hire an attorney who can rightfully advocate for you both inside and outside of court, taking the time to thoroughly investigate your claims and pursue the highest possible settlement.

Christian Ferrer, Esq. works on a no win, no fee basis. If your case is not successful, you do not pay a dime.

If you were in an Uber, Lyft, or other automobile accident due to another party’s carelessness, you may be entitled to compensation for the financial and emotional costs you sustained. When you hire Christian Ferrer, Esq., you hire an advocate to personally represent you in the settlement and negotiations process to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. His goal is to protect your rights, educate you throughout the injury claims process, and maximize the available compensation you are entitled to. For a free consultation, call Ferrer Law, PA at (305) 697-2224.

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