Independent witnesses can possibly make all the difference when it comes to filing a personal injury claim after a car accident.

An independent witness is a third party that witnessed a car crash but wasn’t involved in the accident. They can be extremely vital in cases that are called disputed liability cases. In these cases, police at the scene of the accident could not determine who was at fault for the accident. So it becomes a, “he said, she said” type of situation. In those cases, an independent witness can be extremely important in determining who was at fault for the car accident. This is why it is extremely vital to see who was around at the scene of the accident and possibly get their contact information.

To give you an example, we had a recent case that our client was involved in an accident in which liability was disputed and the at-fault party’s insurance company denied liability. So, we went ahead and asked him, by any chance, were you able to get contact information for a witness that saw the accident? Turns out that he did speak to an older gentleman that was having coffee in a bakery in that same intersection and he told him he saw the accident and he’s been having coffee there every single day for the last 10-15 years. And he had never seen an accident like the one he witnessed.

So we told him, let’s go ahead and go to the scene of the accident and see if we can find that older gentleman drinking coffee at the bakery. And of course he was, and we went ahead and asked him what happened the day of the accident. He says, the other person was clearly a fault. And I went and asked him, is it okay if we could take a sworn statement from you so we can submit it to the opposing party’s insurance company to see if they will admit fault for the accident? Will the gentlemen said any help that he needed, he would give it to us. And we submitted a sworn affidavit the following day, and he made an offer on my client’s behalf for his injuries of over $30,000. The next day.

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